Look For the Best Mexico Holiday Packages

Planning to take a break with your family to one of the coolest holiday destinations, Mexico? Go for the all inclusive Mexico Holiday Packages. Many of these holiday packages to Mexico are also customized just to fit in your requirement.

People wish to take a break from their daily life in order to stress-out and recharge themselves. And even if then if you need to keep worrying about your hotel reservation, air tickets confirmation and other local expenses, what is the point in calling it a stress releiving break. But if your trip to the exotic land of Mexico through the Mexico Holiday Packages scheme, you do not only avail a hassle free trip for yourself, but you also get to save on some money.

Traveling to a place like Mexico, which is a popular travel destination is definitely not cheap and requires a good investment. But availing these packages where the travel agents generally club in some of the common features and offer a wholesome package to you, is much more reasonable and at a comparatively discounted rate too.

These holiday packages are so designed to fit into your requirement as and how you wish to have it. You can add or remove the number of days you wish to travel, include or subtract places you wish to visit in and around Mexico, choose your accommodation as per your budget and also select your means of travel.

Mexico is a place for all travelers, on one side you have the pleasure of relaxing on the sunny beaches, where as on the other hand you can go sight seeing the architectural remains of the place and the cultural heritage too. The Mexico Holiday Packages can be availed by both family travelers as well as young groups who are on an adventurous trip. Couples who are looking for a romantic getaway can also opt for the Mexico Holiday Packages, the place has quite a number of scenic destinations that are just perfect to lure your partner romantically.

Mexico Travel Tips – Bien Viaje

Some Basic Information

“Bien Viaje” is a useful expression for you to know when travelling and backpacking around Mexico. It is very likely that you will encounter many native Mexicans and their children when backpacking Mexico according to the excellent travel book The People’s Guide to Mexico (by Carl Franz and Lorena Havens, Avalon Travel, 2007). When doing so and departing from them, they may wish you Bien Viaje (Safe Journey). You may pick up such phrases from the “Useful Expressions” section of Knopf Guides Mexico (2006) and other travel guides. It might be a good idea for the traveler to know some of these basic phrases and expressions and other points of interest for their trip. It is also a good idea to read up and do some research on this beautiful country.

Basic People Info

Some very basic backpacking and traveling Mexico information for one to know is that the traveler (from outside of Mexico) will likely be noticed by the locals wherever they may travel and camp. Remember that the traveler will look and be different and the locals will likely marvel at this. Children can be particularly invasive. But, these folks will mostly remain friendly. This means that if the traveler desires privacy, planning and scouting for privacy will be of necessity. If privacy is not a necessity, it is also important to remember that the people can be a great source of information and creature comforts.

Getting Around

How one gets around Mexico while backpacking and traveling seems like a very basic question. Besides getting around on foot the travelers can get around a variety of ways; RV, RV Caravan, Motorhomes, Trailers, Vans, Pickups, Cars and Rent-A-Cars (of course). RV Caravans can be the largest and most noticeable of ways to get around. But their special appeal is in the number of goods and foodstuffs these fellow travelers may be able to offer in trade in barter. That can be a good thing to know when the backpacker is running short on supplies and/or funds.

Another good and economical thing to know is that it is equally acceptable to camp through Mexico via one’s car. Many backpackers and travelers have noted that this can be a very inexpensive way to shelter overnight. However, it has been infamously stated that if one’s car or vehicle has USA license plates that it will be stolen. This may be a shameful thing to say but notoriously represented in such movies as Traffic (2000). For this reason, some folks prefer to go Rent-A-Car camping.

Security and Safety

While most places are safe and friendly to camp and backpack in Mexico, this lovely country has sometimes had some security issues appear in the international news. As was just mentioned, it is sometimes seen as best to rent a car than to bring in one with USA license plates. It is a good idea to check for travel warnings to any foreign country through TravelState (dotGov) before traveling there. For example, the site posted a travel warning to Mexico as recently as 8/27/2010. Please note that the site does state that millions of Americans travel safely to Mexico each year.

3 Reasons Why Americans Choose Mexico For Presbypopia LASIK Surgery

Presbypopia literally means “old eyes,” highlighting the fact that as we age our eyes become less flexible, making it more difficult to focus. This normally occurs between the ages of 40 and 50 and progresses through age 65. Initial symptoms typically include difficulty reading smaller print, leading to the use of reading glasses, bifocals, and trifocals.

The high cost of vision care and optical surgery in the United States has sent many people seeking treatment for their vision problems to medical travel agencies representing the largest private hospital network in Mexico where the price for high quality medical care is considerably more affordable for Americans.

In addition to wearing eyeglasses, there are several treatments for Presbypopia, including monovision LASIK (which leaves one eye suited for distance viewing and the other for close-up viewing); conductive Keratolasty (used to help one eye see better up close while the other eye remains untouched with a contact lens correcting distance sight); Surgical Reversal of Presbypopia (SRP) with Scleral Expansion Bands (SEBs); and refractive lens exchange (RLE), which entails replacing the natural lens with an artificial lens.

Innovative PresbyLASIK Procedure Approved In The U.S. In 2010, In Mexico NOW

One of the newest and most promising treatments for presbypopia is multifocal LASIK or PresbyLASIK. PresbyLASIK is a procedure currently in clinical trials in the U.S., but the procedure has been approved in Mexico and Europe. With multifocal or PresbyLASIK, different ‘zones’ are created on the surface of the cornea to correct vision at near, intermediate, and far ranges. With monovision LASIK correction for presbypopia, patients must use their eyes independently for seeing near or far; with PresbyLASIK, patients are able to focus naturally with both eyes on any object of any distance.

Although the multifocal PresbyLASIK procedure is not yet FDA-approved in the U.S., it is performed with state of the art VISX technology in Hospital Angeles Tijuana, just 15 minutes across the border from San Diego. Hospital Angeles is one of 20 technologically modern hospitals comprising the largest private hospital network in Mexico, and frequently hosts American medical travelers searching for affordable, high quality medical and surgical care.

Low Cost Of Medical Travel To Mexico Attracts Patients From Around The World

Surgical procedures and hospital stays in the most modern hospitals are available in Mexico for as little as one-third of the price paid in America. The U.S. nonprofit Medical Tourism Association reports in its survey of American medical travelers (estimated at more than 500,000 per year) that the great majority are enthusiastic repeat customers and referrals of the state-of-the-art private hospitals and medical centers of Mexico where they received their surgerical procedures. While private Mexican hospitals are every bit as modern as famous U.S. hospitals, they typically cost less than half as much as their American counterparts do. Although Angeles Hospitals feature identically sophisticated equipment and resources, the U.S. healthcare system has higher costs associated with medical education, training, insurance, and facility construction. Costs are driven up even further by the U.S. healthcare insurance industry. The net savings to the Mexico medical travel patient working with a medical travel, Mexico, agency is often quite substantial, from 50-75% less than U.S. medical and hospital costs.

Convenience And Savings

With the help of a medical travel, Mexico, agency, getting to the right hospital is easy. There are 20 hospitals in major metro areas throughout Mexico with direct flights from most major American cities. Most medical travelers have easy access to inexpensive flights in and out of Mexico on a daily basis, which makes affordability an appealing option when long wait times are added to the sky-high prices of medical and surgical care in the U.S.

Because Presbypopia LASIK surgery can be performed on American medical travelers over the period of a weekend (flights, procedure, and hotel inclusive), the savings are high for this type of medical travel package for Americans. The innovative procedure implemented on the latest VISX technology, costs less than $5,000 (both eyes), while the procedure is expected to debut in the U.S. at $10,000-$15,000 or more. According to the Medical Tourism Association survey of medical travelers, patients engaging in medical travel to Mexico frequently enjoy tourism time, including fine dining, relaxed shopping, and resort beaches; more than 8 in 10 said they would definitely choose medical travel, Mexico, as a solution again in the future.

Mexico Meets And Exceeds Current Medical Standards

While many people know Mexico offers gorgeous beaches, delicious food, lively music, stellar golf, and excellent deep-sea fishing, in the past decade Mexico has rapidly become widely known for quality, affordable medical care. Even the most sophisticated medical and surgical care in Mexico is typically one-third the cost of the same medical care in the United States. After factoring in travel-related expenses, U.S. medical travel patients realize considerable savings by seeking treatment in Mexico.

But savings and quality are not the only attractions of medical travel, Mexico. In a 2009 survey, most medical travelers report to the U.S. nonprofit Medical Tourism Association that they found their hospital and surgical care in Mexico as good or better than any U.S. healthcare experience they’ve had, and would not hesitate to recommend the experience to other U.S. patients needing quality affordable medical care.

Mexico’s low cost of living and lower costs for the same medical technologies found in the U.S. as well as lower doctor, hospital, and specialists’ fees versus the U.S. can all work together to offer American medical travel patients exceptional care at a fraction of what they would pay for the same care in the United States.

Mexico hospitals undergo a rigorous credentialing process that guarantees the highest international standards of education, training, equipment, and patient centric care. Mexico hospital patients do not experience the restrictions on and rationing of healthcare through insurance premiums, policies penalizing for pre-existing conditions, claims denials, and out of pocket expenses. This results in high levels of service and patient satisfaction with their overall experience.

Americans can save thousands of dollars by seeking medical care in Mexico receiving the same high quality medical care they would expect in the U.S. at a fraction of the cost, and in a hospital that is modern, beautiful, and convenient to fly to from most major U.S. city airports.

In particular, the merging of medical care and tourism is a winning combination for patients seeking Wavefront Presbypopia LASIK surgery.

Affordable And Convenient Care

Medical travel, Mexico, includes 20 hospitals in major metropolitan areas throughout Mexico, including Tijuana, Juarez, Mexico City, Puebla, and Guadalajara. For most Americans, a Mexico hospital is just a quick direct flight into Mexico, San Diego, or El Paso where they enjoy airport to hospital pick-up service as part of their medical travel package. In addition, almost half of the United States population lives within driving distance of Mexico, making it a convenient alternative to American healthcare.

Medical travel, Mexico, agencies work with hotels and airlines to offer patients specially discounted rates. Instead of waiting months for a three-minute appointment with a Wavefront LASIK doctor in the United States, American medical travel patients choosing Presbypopia LASIK surgery in Mexico can save thousands by driving or flying to Mexico for the same care and prescription medications at a fraction what it would cost in the United States and enjoy a more innovative, effective treatment for presbypopia that may not receive FDA approval in the U.S. for years to come.

Travel Mexico – Go Wild Or Easy

Mexico has a multi-billion dollar tourism industry that is expert in pleasing people who want their journey trouble-free. However, adventure is what you would certainly have if you do away with the pre-packaged route. Adventure-based tourism, community tourism and real ecotourism are quickly building up in the countryside and these are the kinds that truly help preserve the ecosystems. The chances for going to amazingly wild places in Mexico and socializing with the natives are better than ever. You can experience the first-class canyoneering close to Monterrey or cooking programme in the rural area of Veracruz to mountaineering the woods of Oaxaca and snorkeling the coral reefs of the Yucat√°n.

You will be in awe at Palenque, a 1300-year old Maya place as parrots shriek and screaming monkeys snarl in the damp bright green jungle all over you. Glide from a palm-bordered sandy beach into the warm, greenish blue waves of the peaceful Pacific at Puerto Vallarta. Feasting on Chile Rellenos and Ensalada de fruta at a Mexico City cafe or restaurant, dancing throughout the night at a lively Guadalajara disco, kayaking at daybreak going by an outpost or whale-watching with local fishermen of Baja California – all of those are distinctive things you will only experience in Mexico. All visitors go home having their own memorable sights as well as images or pictures of the place, probably even one wherein you can see them holding a little Mexican Flag. Such a huge state, spanning pleasant and tropical regions, stretching to five km through the sky and extending 10,000 km down its shorelines, with a city populated by 19 million folks at its heart and numerous little pueblos all over the place, could barely fall short in giving a massive array of selections for human escapade.

Get all set for more crowds if you travel to Mexico; be prepared for the noise and commotion. But you need not fear because most Mexicans would be just very glad to make you feel at home in their place. Devote some time prior to your travel in studying even only a number of phrases of Spanish since all the words you know would make your travel slightly easier and more fun.

Travel Mexico

Traveling in Mexico can be an overwhelming experience. Mexico offers the best of both worlds -rich ancient heritage as well as modern cities equipped with all amenities that travelers seek. The terrain and climate in Mexico varies from rocky deserts in the north to tropical rain forest in the south, a traveler’s delight. Many consider Mexico an excellent choice for retirees.

Travel in Mexico should be defined by your choice. For the nature traveler there is a wide range of options. Travelers can choose to take a long drive deep inside Mexico, meeting people and driving through serene stretches of nature. For the traveler who is awed with history, the travel itinerary might include places like the Historic Center, Zocalo, the National Palace, the Templo Mayor, Mexico City Museum, San Ildefonso Museum, Alameda Park, Madero, Iturbide Palace, National Art Museum, etc.

However, regardless of your travel tastes, travel to Mexico is usually considered incomplete without a visit to Mexico City. It is hailed as being amongst the world’s largest metropolises, and also the oldest urban center in the Western Hemisphere.

US citizens traveling to Mexico do not require a passport. They only need to present proof of citizenship and photo identification. Travelers, however, are recommended to carry a valid passport to reduce inconveniences. For the ones who wish to travel to Mexico in their cars, a temporary import permit must be obtained from the Mexican Customs office at the port of entry, or any one of the Mexican Consulates located in the US.

Although Mexico is considered a year-round destination, hotels in Mexico usually work on two seasons. The high season starts from December 15 through Easter, and the low season is the rest of the year. The best bargains thus can happen around late spring, summer, and fall. Whatever is the time of your visit or the theme of your travel, Mexico is one of the choicest locations in the world.